Online Marketing Strategies to Win 2019 in Business

First of all Hey Guys, this is me your Speedy! @blogging.I am very curious to tell you about 2019 for Digital Marketing. Its a whole bunch of roller coaster rides. According to Top Digital Marketer Neil Patel, the blogs on the internet is about to saturation in the aspect of content means that there a more than enough blogs to read which published content on every possible topic. But that does not mean we have to stop blogging or blogging is becoming dead. Yes! there is a slight change in the Blogging Industry on which basis I prepared some marketing strategies that gonna work in 2019

So let’s dive in


As I told above there is more than enough content published on the Internet in for of blogs like on every possible topic that makes hard or next to impossible to start blogging nowadays as the keywords in SERPs are occupied by bigger players. So they cannot be displaced or defeated by just publishing content.


This better content gets us more user engagement, more social signal (in form shares and tweets) and some natural backlinks. It is similar to the Brian Deans Skyscraper Technique’s The Linkable Asset.

2.Voice Search

2 in 5 adults use voice search once daily(per LocationWorld). Another great stat is that the US had 8 Lakh in 2018 and this number will 21.4 by 2020. So the world is shifting as the growing use of IOT and AI the smart speakers are becoming a household product soon in every major economy and this causes people more to listen than reading.

Voice Search is growing by 20% every year. So be early adopter optimize your website and publish content that is voice search friendly

For more stats on Voice Search Click – here


Focus on Branding over selling from the very first day of your online business. Start your online business with having in mind an approach of branding because it’s not a hidden fact Google Loves Brands as well as their published content more than others. It gives you privilege over other small websites and blogs in eyes of Google.

As branding also helps you in winning your customer trust and loyalty.

4.Video Content


Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google on earth, over 100 billion hours of videos watched every day. So ride on this fast as youtube could open a new ocean of opportunities for your business. Researchers also said that Online Videos will be 80% of users traffic on the Internet by 2020

(Source: Cisco)

Facebook Watch

Facebook is also want to have the privilege of this Online Videos Consumption by users so they come with Facebook Watch which enables Video content pushed to users in their news feeds on the basis of their similar behavior and interests by Facebook Pages.

This also gives you benefit for viral organic reach on facebook as it is dead on posts.

So contact some Facebook pages that have Facebook Watch Enabled and sponsor your video content and post by them.

5.Content Marketing

This is the era of information. People want to, gather information before buy or use any product and adopt a lifestyle that’s Business that have blogs claimed that their sales increased by 476%.

Both User and Google love the content as We say “CONTENT IS KING“.The quality content is always appreciated more, shared more and also trusted more.

As we all know that Google wants to provide the best Search Results to its users by that means Google Always focus on Search Intent that is the intention of user/searcher regarding that search query. It is all defined by Google AI based Ranking System RankBrain.

People nowadays seem that Keyword based content optimization is not working and I also share the same view on it. Google does not rank the website on the basis of keywords for which content is optimized. It will rank in on the basis on Search Intent


6.Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s Revenue is rising year by year as Facebook has shifted focus on its own profitability first that’s why the reach on Facebook becomes dead for a few years. As Facebook also know that Social Media Marketing is the Marketing for Future and it also worth for businesses as compared to any other method of online marketing.

So that’s I came up here by some Latest and Working Social Media Marketing Strategies For my visitors which is as following  :

1.Setup a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Facebook Chatbot is another great method of Lead capturing and performing sales on Facebook. Some Users claimed that they achieve 85% in sales by capturing a high number of qualified leads with the help of Facebook Chatbot.

It also becomes easy to set up them. With the platform like MobileMonkey, anyone can set up a Facebook Chatbot in Their Facebook Business Profiles/Pages.

2.Build Your Own Community

People Rely on Facebook For their Social Networking and Online Community Gathering with Peoples who shares similar interest with them. Like Facebook is fully flooded with Groups of peoples who share similar professions, interests, hobbies etc.

They share views, seek help, got advice from these groups and communities. In all these conversations they also perform small money transactions like buying and selling Goods, services etc.

So it is a full plate of opportunities for everyone to build a sustained Facebook Group Community to market their product and services with people they know and who also trust them.


Nowadays people used to travel more and always multitasks more than before. So podcasting is a better way to provide information about something to users. Podcasting can be on any niche topic like Health and Fitness, Relationship, Sports, Technology etc and many more. You can use platforms like Itunes, Stitcher, Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify for this.

Tips for Podcasting

1. Be regular on a specific Day and Time. This can be Once, Twice, Thrice in a week and once in a day or twice in a month.

2. Be Specific to Topic or agenda of the podcast.

3. Also, announce the Next Podcast schedule and agenda in advance.

4.Appeal for Sharing with friends and their professional’s contacts.

5. Start a Giveaway with some prize.

6. Get Engagement from your audience by asking opinion on your podcast. Also, ask them next big thing they want you to cover in your next podcast.

7. Get Guest for Interview and discussion on your podcast of an expert from your business related field.

8. Use Facebook Groups and Pages to share your Podcast with maximum users. It also helps you to create a community.

8.Setup a Whatsapp Messenger Bot

We all know that Whatsapp has a massive users base of 1.6 billion people. This creates an opportunity for Businesses to grab and create a robust marketing channel.

Whatsapp comes in two Edition

1.Personal Edition

2.Business Edition

Business Edition can have a Whatsapp Business API which can be used to create a chatbot on Whatsapp.

How To create a Whatsapp Chatbot

1.Appy For Whatsapp Business API

2.Plan About how your bot goes to have a Conversation with users. How it will provide Answer to their Questions

3.Hire a Developer for Developing Chatbot

4.Test your Chatbot

5. Launch it and Feature it on your business Website.

9.Infographics Marketing

Graphics impacts people more than text as if they are an attention grabber and memory striker in some awesome way. Infographics are the graphic images that provide information within the graphic. It is a visual representation of data like the chart, diagram, and bars in the graph.

Infographics are shared massively(if it provides something exclusive) and get linked by webmasters and bloggers on their website which also helps in getting backlinks naturally.

An interesting stat is that “An INFOGRAPHICS IS THREE TIMES MORE SHARED AND LIKED BY USERS THAN ANY OTHER FORM OF CONTENT” as they provide research, facts, and statistics in their visuals effectively.

Tips For Creating a Viral Infographics

1. Choose a Topic to target (It can be your target keyword or trending one or something of which your website/blog provides information)

2. Perform Research(Get Facts, Data, and Statistics)

3. Write Information you want to convey in a Narrative Manner

4.Hire a Professional Graphics Designer on Freelance(via Upwork, Peopleperhour)

5. Promote Infographics Via

a. Blogger Outreach(Appeal them to republish it)

b.Share Via Email

c. Post it On Social Media

10.Collect Email to Perform Email Marketing

Some professionals think that Email marketing is dead or not as effective as it is earlier. But don’t think so. Email Marketing is still alive and working effectively with high ROI(Return on Investment) as compared to any other marketing channel or tactic.

It is the best marketing strategy for Lead Generation for businesses after Google Search Ads

Tips  For Successful Email Marketing

1. Get Subscribers along with their permission to email them

This can be done via sharing Ebooks on your website. A user can only download Ebooks via the link provided in an email which they provide on your website to download Ebooks. Along with these Ebooks, you can also appeal them to subscribe their newsletter to building your Email Marketing Lists.

2.Use  Tools like MailChimp, Aweber, and SendGrid for maximum productivity and automation

3. Get some Analytics For your Email Campaign

Tools I mentioned above provides analytics like How many users opened your email which ensures you that you are not marked as spam in their mailbox.

These tools also provide your emails CTR measure that is how many people clicked on Link or your Email Web copy that tells you about how much you successful in appealing your audience.

4.Split the Email List into Segments

On the basis of data provided by Analytics split the Email list in Different Sub-Lists Like

1.Customers (Who got converted and Provides leads to you)


3.Daily Subscribers (these are who want to hear updates about your website and business)

5.Measure Cost

How much you spend on getting this list of Emails?

How much you got from this Email List?

For Example – If you spend $10,000 on your Email campaign and you got 1500 conversions or sales from which one sale is $50 then you can do the math easily of your business ROI

Also, tell me in a comment below how much it will become in this example

Final Thoughts

Thanks For Visting

Become an early adopter as in these Online Marketing Strategies trends are saturated rapidly due to more people are aware and implemented them before you.

Share it with your Marketing Team, Colleagues, Office Friends and Business Partners on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and also subscribe our social media handles.

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