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How to Create a Page on Facebook in 5 Minutes

How to Create a Page on Facebook

Today in this article we are going to learn about How to Create a Page on Facebook. It is very important for each and every type of business to have a professional setup facebook fan page. So let’s begin

Things we required to make a page on facebook

  • A Facebook Account

Follow these steps :

  1. 1. First Create a Facebook Account OR login in an existing Facebook Account.

2.After Logged in Click on the Create from Top Right Side(it is situated next to Profile Picture). For reference see image below :

how to creat page on facebook

Then Click on Page to make a facebook page.

how to make a page on facebook

A Create a Page Open Looks like this

create a page on facebook

  1. Now pay attention to Facebook Pages are divided into sub-categories
  • Page for Business or Brand
  • Page for Public Figure or Community

In Business or Brand the pages like Business Page like Google, Amazon, Flipkart are created and in Public Figure or Community pages like Actor, Actress and Organisation are created.

So choose wisely according to your need and click on Get started.


  1. 6. If you choose Business or Brand then it shows like this

create a page for business or orgranization

Fill the required details like Page name, Category(choose the appropriate one from the list), Address (fill street name,  city and pin code)

Tick on this (Don’t show my address if you don’t want to be let know your address)

Click on Continue


If you choose Public Figure or Community then it looks like this

make a page on facebook for celebrity

Fill the Required field: Page Name, and choose the appropriate Category from the given list.

Click on Continue

7. On next step upload, Profile Picture or you can skip it for later.

upload profile picture for facebook page

8. Now upload Cover Picture or you can also skip this for later.

upload cover picture for facebook page

9. Hence you have learned “How to create a facebook fan page”

You can also do some more customizations if you want like some stated below

1. Create a personalized page username. For this click on @username same as marked in the image

create a username for facebook page

After that, a dialog box open type your desired username in Username field and make sure it available (this can be checked with appearing of green tick symbol)

create a uername for facebook page 2

After that click on Username. Hence your personalized username is created

username for facebook page is created confirmation

2. Add a Call-to-Action Button. For doing this click on Add a Button option

add a call to action button on facebook page

A dialog box opens like this

facebook page call to action dialog box

choose the desired appropriate Call-to-Action Button like Contact Us for Website Visit, Sign up for make user signup, Send Message to get connected on messenger, Call Now for getting a number dialed,  and Send an email to have an email from a user.

There is plenty of more option are available in this feature you can explore more by yourself.

I have chosen Contact us, therefore I have to add website link like this

facebok page contact us call to action button

by clicking on Website link option a dialog box open with a text within this we have you Type my website Url.

add website link on contact us call to action button on facebook page


After clicking on the finish and the page now have a Contact us Call-to-Action Button now

add contact us call to action button facebook page

Final Thoughts :

I hope you learn the whole process of how to create a page on facebook efficiently. If you faced any issue or problem feel free to comment I will guide you on that. Spread this on your facebook timeline and make your friends and loved ones knowledge grows.

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